Ride For Larry

All we can say is this wet, cold, and soggy weekend was a blast!  Bubble shields and Frogskins saved the day. Its so great to see this tight knit community come out and support Larry Pierce.  

All of the North Carolina people met in Marston, NC for the ride.  This was a good centralized location for Raleigh, Charlotte, and Wilmington. (Thanks to Big Scott for the organization!) Friday night we all met at the campground and rode to a local steak house.  When we arrived back at the campground that night, the rain sure did come down! This was only the beginning of the weather.  It poored as hard as you can imagine for about 30 minutes.  This was just enough to fill up our tents/ hammocks with water. It drizzled the rest of the night. We eventually all fell asleep.  In the morning Big Scott grabbed all of us Donuts and coffee.  Coffee has never tasted so good! After we were all warmed up we drained the water out of our gas tanks/ exhaust pipes and went on our way! We didnt make it 5 minutes of riding before the rain started again.  We all manned through the weather (including Scott Jones parents on their killer trike).  There was nothing we could do but laugh about it. We stopped to eat lunch and wait for the weather to pass which never passed.  We said some kind words about Larry and went about our own ways.  

We all know Larry was smiling looking down on us. It was an honor to ride as one for an amazing dude. We miss you Larry and thanks for bringing everyone together for an unforgettable time.