Love Valley Revival

Man how time flies - feels like yesterday we were talking about our inaugural Boot Scoot. We rode out to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and ended up at our good friend Landon’s property in East Bend. After riding, fishing, hill climbing and even breaking down, the crew couldn’t get enough and were eager for the next Boot Scoot. The dates April 7 & 8 were set in stone for this year’s ride. A message was sent out to a crew weeks before, encouraging them to lock in the dates.

This year we decided to mix it up a bit and visit “The Cowboy Capital of the World,” Love Valley, North Carolina. It’s rumored that prolific criminal Charles Manson stated in an interview if he were to ever get out of jail, that’s where he would go. Seemed like a great place to visit.

Tucked away down in a valley at the base of Fox Mountain in Love Valley lies a serene cabin, and if those walls could talk, they would speak about motorcycles, horses, cowboy boots and camaraderie. The home of one of the Boot Scoot’s own attendees’ late grandfather Jolly, this aged cabin with character would be our final destination on Friday. We hopped on our bikes leaving Jake Hindes’, Prism Supply, house around 2:00 p.m. (original time to head out was 1 p.m., but with a couple pans and shovels in the mix, it was backed up). The ride out of Cornelius up through Statesville, North Carolina was eventless, allowing us to focus on those around us and the tiny towns and open fields before us. We arrived just in time for “Fish Friday” at the local gas station just before the turn-off for Love Valley.

We arrived at the cabin with just a couple hours of daylight left. We decided to hop on the bikes for a little dirt and back country road action. As the sun set we returned to gather around the fire, grab some photos of all the riders and go over all the bikes, which we then hopped back on to blast to downtown Love Valley and grab food at the Silver Spur (get the ribs). We then walked the old rickety, wooden sidewalks of the historic western town down to Shelby’s Place - a small bar with plenty to do. Several of us took to singing some David Allen Coe as part of the Friday Night Karaoke. After hours of conversing with the locals we retreated back to the cabin for a few hours of rest before daybreak.

Camping was great, even with temperatures dipping down to the ‘30s. We awoke, stoked the fire, talked with the crew over freshly brewed coffee and even a couple locals showed up to see the bikes. We packed up, cleaned up from the previous night’s activities, loaded down the bikes and hit the road back home - the long way.

The second annual Boot Scoot was a complete blast. We can’t wait for next year where we’ll see familiar faces and hopefully some fresh ones. Keep an eye out on our Instagram right here for the latest news pertaining to Prism Supply. Hope to see you at The Congregation Show in Charlotte, North Carolina where we’ll have dozens of the coolest bikes from all over the East, and we may even premier our new video. Stay tuned.

Pics: Jonathan Taylor

Text: Dustin Wilson